Rheinländischer Tanz (oder die fünf Jahreszeiten)    2008

For the piece “Rheinländischer Tanz oder die fünf Jahreszeiten” we used slightly different
method than the above mentioned, because we decided to give it a traditional form as a basis,
roughly that of a ‘Suite de danses’. We determined five parts in length and assigned certain
notions and conditions of be associated with each part:

Part One: red, schizophonic, choleric, 60 sec.
Part Two: rhythmic, 83 bpm, 30 sec.
Part Three: turquoise-silver, marzipan, 120 sec.
Part Four: rhythmic, 111 bpm, 30 sec.
Part Five: neon yellow-orange, napish pimple, 60 sec.

Each member of the group prepared in advance by themselves tracks for the respected parts,
following the given ideas of a colour, an emotion or impression. These tracks have then been
arranged and combined by group decision during multiple rehearsals.